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Electronic Queue Management System

Electronic Queue Management System

Electronic Queue Management is a popular technology for organizing crowded waiting areas, and optimizing operational processes using real time data analytics. EQMS leads to:

  1. Higher customer satisfaction.
  2. Operational cost reduction.
  3. Continuous customer service process efficiency.

The EQ system makes visitors feel comfortable while waiting to be served. They can comfortably sit on a couch viewing or reading marketing literature .
When their ticket is called it will be displayed on display units which direct customers to a counter
In order to capture customer’s attention a voice announcement is also made
Ticket number 911 please proceed to counter number 2
EQMS optimizes service times and ensures that people are served fairly and quickly.
The system has been specially designed for customer serviced and wait times Maintain and improving customer satisfaction is top priority Delivering consistently good service is critical.

LED Displays

FastWave software consists of based display walls & tickers; providing real time information, messages and data with graphics, animation, video and text.
Our proprietary designed software can display live or stored data feeds over IP networks.

FastWave LED is the best solution for maximum visibility and information dissemination.

Our software Walls provide a wide variety of standard and customized display of media at various pitches and resolutions.

FastWave software products offer the highest level of scalability using tile-able display panels thus providing the flexibility to add or reorganize these panels to outfit your configuration needs now and forever.

FastWave Manufactures:

  1. Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays
  2. Straight and curved LED Displays
  3. Full and Tri color LED Displays
LED Displays
Score Boards Stadium Display Systems

Score Boards Stadium Display Systems

The growing demand for digital LED Display screens reflects the many benefits digital signage LED scoreboards brings to the sports arena, as well as the increasing size of sports venues. Stadiums hosting thousands of people require large high impact multi-displays to engage the audience, communicate relevant information and create a unique viewer experience .Stadium manages increasingly expect digital signage LED Scoreboards to be a central part of the spectator experience. In addition , today’s sports franchise owners and stadium managers know they’re competing for the customer’s attention and are willing to invest more money and attention than ever before in creating a complete , memorable experience in every event . More and more stadiums understand that broadcasting the game is not enough and that advertising has become a great source of revenue.
FastWave software when installed at Stadiums can be used to display live score and video footage of sports events
The system can display:

  1. live scores
  2. clock
  3. video
  4. images

FIDS :Flight Information Display System

FastWave Flight information Display Systems provide your travelers a consolidated listing of flights in large plaza and ticketing areas.
LED displays are commonly used as flight information display Systems (fids) because they are long -lasting , simple to update flight information and are legible in brightly lit areas .

Our FIDS are available in scalable sizes for placement in any location to show flight information in many locations – informing all your travelers.
Our displays support many character sizes and language and automatic or manual brightness levels for maximum legibility.
FastWave software can be used for displaying Flight information at airports. FastWave provides seamless integration with standard flight information systems.

Flight Information Display System
ITD – Interactive Touch Screen Displays

ITD – Interactive Touch Screen Displays

FastWave interactive displays gives your customer instants and easy access to product and services information , internet or email access , promotional content , and much more .
It has been prime developed for high-class loantions where first impressions are of prime importance.
At FastWave, we are flexible how we configure our interactive display for any customized solution.
We can provide just a hardware solution are a combination of hardware and software.
Various options are available on these products ranging from different peripherals interface & integration to software development and design.

CCTV – Surveillance Solutions

FastWave surveillance Systems comprise of state of art cameras and digital video Recorders.
that meet the uncompromising needs of many safety and security professionals today .

FastWave security surveillance system facilitates the capture, transmission, viewing, recording, archiving, and management of video sources.
FastWave CCTV line of products includes:

  1. Indoor cameras.
  2. Outdoor weather resistant cameras.
  3. Infra red (no lighting) cameras.
  4. Dome and box cameras.
  5. Motion detection cameras.
  6. 4, 8, and 16 channel digital video recorders.
  7. Internet browser and cell phone surveillance.
CCTV – Surveillance Solutions
Video Wall Display

Video Wall Display

Rear-projection display specially designed for Video Wall applications such as large venue events, control rooms, TV studio display, public information and advertisement display.
The state -of -the -art hardware design delivers unsurpassed image quality for crystal clear presentation, operational reliability and service.
Rear-projection modules are designed to yield bright and high contrast image display, featuring high resolution, brightness uniformity and grey level chromatic rendering on large screens. The variety of available analog and digital input makes these displays for graphics for graphical, data ideal for video display.

FastWave software also supports windows media Encoder 9.0 i.e a Microsoft streaming server.
It is a powerful tool for content producers who wath to capture audio and video content using the many innovations in windows media.